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Air Sealing

What Is Air Sealing?

Air passes through the perimeter (or "building envelope") of your home, generating drafts and breezes in two distinct ways: through a direct and an indirect direction. Although direct air leakage paths are generally more visible, such as the daylight you can see outside your door when the weather stripping needs to be improved, these direct paths normally make up a very small percentage of the overall air leakage of your house.

The key source of your home's drafts are hidden in gaps from construction. To seal the hidden air leakage channels, we use a mixture of materials such as caulk, single part expanding foam, and two part spray foam insulation. As part of a comprehensive home energy efficiency improvement, some common areas of a home that we air seal include:

  • Hatches
  • Top plates
  • Drop ceiling soffits
  • Recessed lights

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