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Attic Ventilation

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Attic Ventilation Protects Your Attic

Problems with Turbine (Wind) Vents
Wind vents are only effective when the wind is moving.
Occasional gentle breezes aren’t going to move the hot air and humidity out of your home.

Powered Solar Ventilation is Far More Effective
A popular retail wind vent ventilator would move just 90m3/hr based on an 8 km/hr wind speed.
A powered ventilator can remove hot, humid air at rates up to 2038 m3/hr.
That’s about the same amount as 22 wind vents!
That means you’d need to cover your roof with wind vents to achieve the same effect as just one powered unit.
Risks of Poor Ventilation

Most houses have inadequate airflow which causes problems with condensation and moisture buildup, which leads to risks such as:

Dangerous mold growth
Insulation deterioration
Damage-causing ice dams
Damage to roof structure
Bugs and animal intruders

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