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What Are Baffles?

Baffles are chutes that can provide a path for air to flow from your external soffit vents into your attic space when properly built. The aim of this airflow is to churn out the stale air in your attic, which helps to eliminate moisture and regulate your attic temperature.

In addition to offering ventilation in your attic room, baffles keep your roof deck isolated from the attic, which is particularly essential for cold winters in Ontario. A home is more vulnerable to the development of condensation during the winter months, where the attic insulation meets the roof. It will help avoid possible condensation on roof decks by installing baffles in each cavity.

Benefits of Installing Baffles

We go beyond installing a basic baffle, to installing the exterior top plate seam with a blocker and air sealing, which gives our customers the following advantages:

  • Promoting fresh air attic ventilation from the external soffits to reduce moisture in the attic air and control the temperatures of the attic and roof deck.
  • Prevent blown-in attic insulation from spilling and blocking the fresh airflow into your exterior soffits. Enhance the comfort of exterior rooms by reducing the loss of heat and air.

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